A while ago I was approached by Little Dragon Films, a local film company here in Cambridge. They'd been given permission to shoot in The Cambridge Museum of Technology and had decided they wanted to make a music video. They'd already put some ideas together regarding the concept of the video and they asked me if I had any songs that would fit. Although I would've loved to have made a video for a new song, I couldn't help but feel that the only song that would really fit the concept was Abusing My Position, a song which featured on my second album 'With Fire In Mind'.

The concept for the video is about a group of workers during the industrial revolution who feel they are being mistreated by their mean boss, played by James Murray-White. After drawing straws it is decided that our lead worker, played by Mark Simkins, is to approach the boss to ask for a raise. The boss responds very dismissively, so we workers decide to take matters into our own hands by tooling up and teaching our boss a lesson.

I think the film crew did a great job at catching this story within the space of a 3 minute song. The whole team were incredibly professional and I left the set at the end of the day with a real insight into how films are made. 

Huge thanks go to everyone involved, it was a great experience. I enjoyed it immensely and am really happy with how the video turned out.  I also want to give a shout out to my friends and fellow Cambridge musicians/band The Hot Lights, who did an amazing miming job, and also got to showcase their acting talents.