On the road with Calan

It’s day 4 of my UK support tour with Calan. I’ve just come off stage at Hitchin Folk Club and I’m now sitting in the next room listening to Calan bring the house down once again, as they do every night. So far we’ve played at The Courthouse in Hereford, Farnham Maltings and The New Forest Arts Centre. They really are a spectacular live band and their shows are energetic, beautiful and emotionally charged. There’s even some tap dancing thrown in for good measure. If you get a chance to see them I would highly recommend it. 

As well as being a great band they’re also a lovely bunch and it’s been great hanging out with them before and after the shows. I’ve met lots of cool people already on this tour and it always amazes me how kind people can be. Last night I stayed in the flat of a lady who is currently on holiday. I have never met her, but she saw that I needed accommodation and offered without hesitation. Pretty incredible eh? 

Today I drove from The New Forest up to Hitchin. My journey was held up for 40 minutes due to some horses that had wandered out of their fields and were hanging out on a country road. It was bizarre but also pretty cool. It was my first time in the New Forest and I’ll definitely be returning. Such an amazing part of the country. I arrived there early on Saturday and went for a walk in a forest, not sure which one, didn’t look new though :) I also had a stroll around Lymington where I was staying, a nice little port town with plenty of fish and chips shops and ice cream. What more could you ask for?

Later on I’ll be returning to Cambridge. The next 3 gigs are all within an hour or so of Cambridge so I’ll be staying at home. Quite a luxury and it’ll be good to catch up with my wife. She sent me a message today to say she’d cleaned the front of the house. It’s quite out of character so I think she must be getting bored without me. Tomorrow I’ll be driving to Maldon for a show at The Town Hall. I’ll also be popping in to see Phoenix Radio station for a live session. That’ll then be followed by a phone interview with Future Radio in Norwich. I’ve never done a phone interview before I’m a little apprehensive about it. I suppose if it’s going badly I can always pretend it’s a bad line, make a some strange noises and hang up. Probably not a good idea though.

Looking back I think the highlights for me personally were the shows in  

Calan treating the Hitchin Folk Club to some of their gloriously uplifting tunes

Calan treating the Hitchin Folk Club to some of their gloriously uplifting tunes