New Website Now, Free Downloads etc...

Hey folks, welcome to the new website. For years I've been writing designing and writing code for my website. I decided recently that I no longer want to spend time scratching my head trying to figure out why a line has appeared in the middle of the screen, or why the picture I added has appeared on top of the text. So for that reason I'm using Squarespace. We'll see how it goes but so far it's very easy to use and I can post updates from my phone. Updating my old website was always a bit of an ordeal and I think that's why I didn't do it very often. I'm actually on holiday in Turkey at the moment, and if I can successfully post an update whilst sitting beside the pool sipping a cocktail then it's safe to say this one is much easier to update. So hopefully I'll be able to keep on top of it better, which means more regular updates. I'm also going to start giving away free downloads for all those signed up to the mailing list. The idea is to record at least one cover a month and give it away to subscribers. If you haven't subscribed you an do so at the bottom of the page. I'll be recording the first one as soon as I get back at the beginning of August so look out for the email. 

Ok that's all for now, do let me know if anything on the new website isn't working properly.  

Thanks for reading