Touring - Switzerland, Austria and Germany

It’s been way too long since I updated this blog. I guess I often feel I’ve no news to report but being on tour gives me no excuse. It’s exciting to be travelling and playing shows and I get so much more time to do this kind of thing when I’m on the road. I also have time to write, so I’m hoping to get a few half baked songs into shape.

I arrived in Zürich on Friday and played my first show at Jenseits Im Viadukt last night. It’s a great venue built into the viaduct underneath the railway line. There’s a whole strip of shops, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. It feels very cool and bohemian and all the people are stylish and good looking. I played at this venue about two years ago. I remember it well as I met up with my friends Jospeh and Maia beforehand for a quick swim in the River Limmat. It was summer then, and last night the water didn’t seem as inviting. But the welcome from the people at the show was just as warm. Such hospitality here. The venues really know how to make you feel welcome and I always feel it makes a difference to the way I play. 

Playing at Jenseits Im Viadukt - 17/11/18 - photo by Claudia Dee

Playing at Jenseits Im Viadukt - 17/11/18 - photo by Claudia Dee

I’m staying with a friend of a friend here. His name is Daniel and he’s a pastor at a church in Zürich. As it’s Sunday I’ve just returned from his Sunday service. It’s the first service I’ve been to since primary school I think. It was all in Swiss German too so I had absolutely no idea what it was about but I did enjoy the music. They had an accordion orchestra. I must admit when I heard about it I wasn’t too excited the idea, but their were music was joyful and their enthusiasm infectious. The conductor had a lot of energy and everyone seemed like they were having the time of their lives. 

Later on I’ll be working on some songs and then going for a walk. There’s talk of going to a gig tonight too. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Winterthur for the next show. Someone told me at the gig last night that it’s got a really good reputation for music so I’m looking forward to it.  

Thanks for reading. Check back in a few days for more tour updates