Thank you...

Thank you so much for signing up to this mailing list. It really is much appreciated. It's getting harder and harder to connect with people through social media so email seems to be the most reliable option. I'll be doing my best to make it worthwhile by sending out freebies every month, starting with The Roughly Monthly Sessions.

The Roughly Monthly Sessions are a series of videos we're putting together. Each month (roughly) you'll be sent an email containing a video in which I'll be performing a song. This could be a cover, a song from one of my albums or even an unreleased song. As a subscriber you'll also get access to download the audio. 

The first song is Table For One by the excellent Courtney Marie Andrews. Her album Honest Life is one of my favourite albums of 2017. She's an incredible songwriter and her voice and delivery are impeccable. I hope you agree. Click here to download the audio and feel free to watch and share the video below.