Thank you...

Thank you so much for signing up to this mailing list. It really is much appreciated. It's getting harder and harder to connect with people through social media so email seems to be the most reliable option. I'll be doing my best to make it worthwhile by sending out freebies every month, starting with The Roughly Monthly Sessions.

The Roughly Monthly Sessions are a series of videos we're putting together. Each month (roughly) you'll be sent an email containing a video in which I'll be performing a song. This could be a cover, a song from one of my albums or even an unreleased song. As a subscriber you'll also get access to download the audio. 


EPISODE 1. Table For One

The first song is Table For One by the excellent Courtney Marie Andrews. Her album Honest Life is one of my favourite albums of 2017. She's an incredible songwriter and her voice and delivery are impeccable. I hope you agree. Click here to download the audio and feel free to watch and share the video below.


'Lies' is a new original track that will most likely be appearing on the next record. It's always harder to talk about my own songs and what they mean to me than it is to talk about a favourite cover. So I'll leave it to you to read into how you wish. I think it's pretty obvious to be fair. Click here to download the audio.

EPISODE 3. I'll Never Win

Happy New Year folks. This is a song called 'I'll Never Win' from my second album 'With Fire In Mind'. It's a song about trying to be there for someone who keeps you at arms length. Wanting to help someone through hard times and feeling like you could if they'd only open up a bit. I hope you enjoy this live version, we actually recorded this at the beginning of December but have only just got around to editing and uploading it. Click here to download the audio. Episode 4 will follow shortly.

EPISODE 4 - To Be Without You

Episode 4 is finally here, thanks for waiting and sorry again for the delay on this one. This is a track by Ryan Adams, an artist I always come back to. I remember getting a copy of 'Gold' back when I was still at school. I've been listening to him ever since and it never gets old. I love the groove of this track on the record, very Neil Young esque. On my own it's a bit difficult to capture that feel but I hope you enjoy my version. Click here to download the audio.