When it comes to paying for studio time, my rates are very reasonable, and aside from the time we spend together, I also throw in some editing/mixing time at no extra cost. My standard rates are as below, and details of the editing and mixing duties I perform are listed underneath


£20 per hour


£120 for an 8 hour day



One of the major differences between a professional and amateur sounding production is the time and level of care put into editing. Whilst every effort is put into making sure that the raw recording is as good as possible, it's not uncommon to have to fix little timing/tuning issues and there are also other less obvious things that can be edited to enhance a mix.

I allow for 15 minutes of editing for every hour of recording, so if we record for 4 hours, I'm happy to chuck in 1 hour of editing time at no extra cost. This editing time could be used to clean something up i.e. breathing noises picked up in a cello track, or fret noise from a guitar. Or it could be used to tweak the tuning of a vocal. 

Most of the time, allowing 15 minutes for every hour of recording is enough to make sure all of the tracks are clean a ready when it comes to mixing. On occasions where more needs to be done, I charge at my usual hourly rate for editing. This is always negotiated beforehand, so you'll never receive an unexpected editing bill, and I'll always make you aware of the things that can be done to improve the mix before doing them.


Mixing a song I've produced

At the end of every project I've recorded I will provide you with a mix of your songs at no extra cost. I'm also happy to make mix revisions if there are things you want to change. 

Occasionally, after the mix is done, there may be things that need extra attention. For example, you may feel that the bridge lacks some urgency, and would like to add something but you're not sure what. In this situation I would experiment with some ideas and send them over. For this extra time, I do charge at my usual rate, but only if you're happy with the ideas that I come up with. So you don't end up paying for things we don't end up using.


Mixing a song I haven't produced

If you're send me a track to mix that you've recorded in another studio, or at home, I will ask you to send me the rough mix to have a listen to. Upon hearing this I will provide you with a rough estimate of how much it is likely to cost.

If you decide that you want to go ahead I will then ask you to provide me with the stems. Once I've listened to these I will have a clearer idea of what needs to be done. I will then discuss this with you, talk about any deadlines you may have, and give you a final quote. Once I've given you a quote I will stick to it, and a number of mix revisions will be agreed in advance. 

Editing and mixing are quite time consuming processes so it usually takes me a full day to mix a track. Quotes are based on a cheaper rate of £15 per hour when mixing, as this is something that I can do in my own time, and fit around other commitments I may have.